Stop wasting time
with horrible 
customer service!

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Endless Ping-Pong
between lines
Waited on hold for 2 hours
and then got hung up on
40 minutes listening
to painful music on hold
Customer Support
Agent was rude to me
They never call me back
even if they promise
Every time I call, I have
to explain everything again
You spend 18,720 minutes a year on hold.
In that time
you could...

iAllo is the tool you’ve
been waiting for.

Easily find business contacts
All contact info in one place with data on best channel and time to contact.
Replace on-hold music
Replace repetative hold music with your music, playlists, or audiobooks.
Never wait on hold again
We will wait for you and let you know when the agent connects.
Schedule calls
Request a call from the business and schedule it at a convenient time for you.
You are in control of your data
Unless you choose to share it, your data is not going anywhere.
Omni-channel support
Start with a chat and move to a call without having to start over.
Live transcription and
notes for your calls.

No more who said? She said, he said… like a customer service assistant, iAllo turns your conversations into live transcription with automatic tagging of important info so you dont miss a thing. Have your notes right where you need them when you need them everytime.

My name is Jeff.
How can I help you today?
Hello I need
Do your other things
while we do the waiting.

You have better things to do with your time than to waste it waiting on hold. We’ll wait on hold and let you know when its time to come back to the call.

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Say goodbye to endless
voice menus.

Navigate visually through businesses’ menu options. We are converting the voice menu options into an interactive visual menu in a language you understand.

Customer Service
Internet Support
Sign up for new service
Speak to a Representative
Replace boring elevator hold music.

Say no to boring elevator music. Connect your Apple Music, Spotify, or Audible account to listen to your albums, playlists, or audiobooks instead of on-hold music.

Identify and validate yourself with one click.

We built the most secure platform to store and share your identifying data for customer service. Unless you choose to share it, your data is not going anywhere.

Driver License
Friendly communities
for everyone.

We’re only the little fish if we dont join together.
iAllo gives you a community to rely for help and support when the company is nonresponsive.


Harness the power
of your phone!


Harness the power
of your phone!


iAllo helped me save my sanity. I took a flight from London to Toronto but my suitcase never made it. Each call to the airline meant a two hour hold if I could even make it through to an agent. After 6 hours of holding I just couldn’t take it anymore. With iAllo I just schedule a call back and go on with my day.

Jen Moor

I help with my grandads health, this means im on hold with the insurance company, with the doctors office, with the pharmacy…. and I always have to have my notebook because I don’t remember who I spoke with and what his other meds are. With iAllo all the info I need is in one place!

Jesse Adams

I am busy with my kids and their school and extra curricular activities so when something comes up I don’t want to waste time trying to find the contact info. With iAllo its just so handy. Its like the Swiss army knife for customer service.

Regan Stacie

My identity got stolen which meant that I had to prove who I spoke with when. The call transcription was a life saver. It made it so that I can easily pull up all the info of exactly who was supposed to do what. I would call an agency and be armed with it all. Not to mention the reminders and integration with calendar. Wow what a life saver.

Neely Steven

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