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Getting transferred
and disconnected
Validating my identity
over and over again.
Repeating my issue like
a game of telephone
Getting transferred
and disconnected
Repeating my issue like
a game of telephone
Repeating my issue like
a game of telephone
Get ahead of the rat race.

You’re too smart to do things in an outdated way.
Let others complain while you let us do the work for you.

Dani Herzog@DanDan
@BTCare trying to get a new phoneline. Put through to the wrong person twice, and on third transfer got disconnected...
David Heywood@blackwell_smith
Still, no reply to my text message or my promised phone call:( @virginmedia can someone read my complaint
Tom Morales@evitomo2
@Lufthansa_USA Why is IMPOSSIBLE to reach someone by phone? I have wasted literally hours waiting on hold.
Alisonclay Lux@aliclay5
Trying to be patient with #comcast support. Not easy. Disconnected on transfer then got someone selling me “premium” support. ugh
David Heywood@davihd
@Expedia - I finally got a call back today and in mid transfer got disconnected. Now you are having tech diff again. What's UP??

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Calling IRS

I would call IRS on my drive to work because I knew by the timeI’d get through I’ll need to speak with them, With iAllo its so easy, I just schedule it.

Chloe Reese
Accountants agency owner
Health insurance companies

We have a room of about 30 people making re-imbusment calls to insurance companies daily . iAllo has saved us a ton of money paying people to wait on hold.

Ethan Hulme
CEO / Infusion Care Pharmacy
Keeping track of the vendors

We’ve never been so organized or as productive as we have with iAllo. I schedule calls and if I’m in a meeting, someone on my team can handle it.

Susan Rower
Online store owner
Education Admittance

Working with students from all over the world is a challenge alone but when you have to deal with other education agencies it just become impossible. iAllo has helped us stay on top of it.

John Marson
Founder / Education Center
Working as a team

Our legal office places thousands of calls to insurance agents, health agents and government agencies per week. With iAllo we request a call and anyone on the team can push the ball forward.

Matthew Anderson
CEO Legal Services
Booking is a breeze

We help businesses with corporate vacations. This means we are dealing with hr, airlines and cruises which don’t exactly have the best cx. It feels so easy now with iAllo.

Emma Armas
Travel agency owner

iAllo made it possible for me to really get the most out of my days with less headache.

Daniel Ruiz
Co-founder, Healthy Foods

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